Goondiwindi – Gunsynd Bakery & Cafe

Goondiwindi (pronounced Gundawindi) is a small town on the border between Queensland and New South Wales.

Avid readers of this blog will note that it’s about 10 kms south of Boggabilla (pronounced Boggabilla), which houses the famous Boggabilla Shell Roadhouse, which in turn houses the famous Boggabilla Shell Roadhouse mixed grill.

Mixed grill

Goondiwindi is famous for Gunsynd. Gunsynd was a racehorse which came to fame in the early 1970’s. A famous Australian country & western singer wrote a famous song about the famous racehorse, called The Goondiwindi Grey. The horse was grey coloured, you see.

Gunsynd 2

We have a very famous horse race in Australia called The Melbourne Cup. They say it’s the race that stops the nation, because everyone watches the race.

Gunsynd never won it. It came third.

However, it did win many other notable races, which I won’t mention here because they are merely notable, and not famous. Avid readers of this blog will know that I only write up famous things on Bills Road Food blog. Merely notable doesn’t cut it here.

If you wander around Goodiwindi, and it’s a pleasant place to wander around when it doesn’t flood –

flooding 2flooding

You will see various Gunsynd statues, plaques, wall sized pictures in the pubs, and listings of all the notable races that it won, or came third in.

Gunsynd Statue Gunsynd

Because of my newly discovered reverence for the Goondiwindi Grey, I just had to stop in the Gunsynd Bakery & Cafe.

Ext bakery

The Gunsynd Bakery & Cafe is on the main drag leading into town from Boggabilla, and is a must-stop joint for truckers and tradies before work. It’s been trading in Goondiwindi since 1972, yet the bakery business has been in the family since the early 1900s.

Debbie Ash runs the bakery and cafe, and is 4th generation in the business. Her sons help her out, and when she finally pulls up stumps and retires after years and years of getting up at 1am every morning to bake pies and cakes, they will inherit the business and be 5th generation.

Int bakery Bread2 ladies

When I visited the Gunsynd Bakery & Cafe, there were two ladies sitting out front on plastic chairs. I had a chat with them, and they were indigenous women elders, who’d been to a big pre-Christmas dinner and dance in Boggabilla. It was a function that had attracted several hundred elders from southern Queensland and central New South Wales. They had an indigenous band playing, and bush tucker.

I wished I’d known about it – I’d have loved to have gone to it.

Cakes.1 Rudolph Cakes.2 Christmas pudding Cakes.3  Cakes.5Cake.4

The bakery makes delicious cakes – several Christmas cakes were out on display – along with Bacon & Egg toasted sambos for the tradies and truckies, all sorts of yummy pies, and Pluto Dogs. Pluto Dogs are hot dogs on a stick, deep fried. They are very popular around Goondiwindi and Boggabilla, and in some circles are considered a delicacy.

B&E rolls

The Gunsynd Bakery & Cafe is a great little family run business that makes delicious stuff for the locals, and for passing travelers, and if ever you’re in the Goondiwindi / Boggabilla district, you must stop in and say hello to Debbie and her sons.

And have a Pluto Dog.

Hot food

3 thoughts on “Goondiwindi – Gunsynd Bakery & Cafe

  1. Bill,

    What did you eat there?

    Did you have a Pluto Dog?

    Or maybe a Bacon and Egg sambo?

    Maybe it was one of the bakery/dessert type items. I’m, curious, tell me please.



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